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            July 4, 1946, marked the beginning of complete independence from foreign ruling in the Philippines. It is called for a long and tedious process of reconstruction and regeneration in most part of the country. In Caloocan, a process of building a new and progressive town stated. Manotok Subdivision, a sparsely populated area, became aware of this need. Civic-spirited Mr. Claro Jorge absorbed the noble idea that education is the key to progress so he led a group who worked for the acquisition of a site for school building. The site was Kagawa Estate, formerly owned by an alien, was transferred to the Municipal Administration of Caloocan, Rizal on September 10, 1948 under the mayorship of Jesus Bas. Said parcel of land was reserved for the school and playground purposes.

            The committee started to work for the actual building of the school but they cannot depend solely on the National Fund Treasury, so the group used various means to finance their plan. A preposition was approved under the Resolution No. 49 of the Municipal Council of Caloocan dated January 29, 1952. The committee responsible for the fund raising was composed of the following:

Claro L. Jorge – Chairman
Victoria Esquerra – Secretary

            Members were Julieta Ap-ap, C. Candelaria, A. Oceñas, Justo Balete, V. Flores, R. Adriano. F. Chua, T. Tolentino, V. Bañes and J. Gomez.

            With the permission of the Social Welfare Administration the group was allowed to solicit contributions from the residents of the community and also from others. The share of the Municipality of Caloocan was Php 7,000.00, and said amount was still augmented by the contribution of Php 9, 000.00 by Congressman Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. Thus the total amount of Php 20,362.90 was realized. Abuilding plan was made and presented to the Division Supervisors and Division Superintendent for approval.

            President Elpidio Quirino then issued proclamation No.392, dated March 25, 1952 designating the Kagawa Estate a site for school and playground.

            However, construction of the school building could not be started because of the presence of squatters on the said site. Mayor Macario Asistio then appealed to President Ramon Magsaysay to allocate three-fifths for the squatters and two-fifths for school purposes. The task of taking charge of the construction was timely given to the Mayor’s Office. By the end of 1956, Tandang Sora Elementary School was formally opened with three classes but by 1957, it was increased into four. In 1958, there were six classes in grade One and one class each for Grade Two, Three and Four.

            In December, 1958, the school building was blessed. In 1959, a Grade Five class was added. Mr. Julio S. Pangilinan was appointed Head Teacher of seven classroom teachers with 363 pupils. In 1960 Tandang Sora Elementary school became a complete elementary school with 736 pupils and 17 teachers.

            During the school year 1961-1962, the total number of pupils reached 1,332 and 27 teachers on February 8, 1961, the Provincial Board of Rizal through Governor Isidro Rodriguez appropriated the amount of Php. 18,000.00 for moving and raising the four rooms, ten meters away from its original site. With another Php. 22,800.00, the appropriation was used for the completion of the front fence, pathways, toilet and the like.
Year in and year out, there had something added or improved in the school. In 1964, from the PTA and Caloocan City fund, a home Economics Building was constructed followed by putting up of a stage in 1965.

Through the active leadership of Mr. Julio S. Pangilinan, Tandang Sora Elementary School grew into a big, populated school with three annexes: San Lorenzo, San Jose and Banal. The inevitable change came with the separation of San Lorenzo (now E. Rodriguez Elementary School) in July, 1966 and San Jose ( now San Jose Elemtary School) in July, 1967. These two annexes were assigned to Miss Rosario Lopez and Mrs. Evangeline F. Ruiz respectively.

In 1969, a new Principal took over Tandang Sora elementary School in the person of Mr. Cesar D. Salonga. Tandang Sora Elementary School didn’t stop though, in its expansion for right at the start of his term, a new two-room PTA building was constructed, followed by an imposing three-storey concrete edifice which was financed by the School Board.

In September, 1970, Banal ( now C. Arellano Elementary School) was separated from Tandang Sora Elementary School and was assigned to Mrs. Flordiliza J. David.

Mr. Vicente S. Galiza took over the chair left in 1970-1971 by Mr. Cesar D. Salonga, who was promoted as Division Adult and Community Education Supervisor. It was during Mr. Galiza’s term that a much needed waiting shed was constructed through PTA fund. With lady luck Tandang Sora, another promotion took again the newly appointed Principal, thus giving way to a lady principal for the first time in the history of Tandang Sora Elementary School.

With Mrs. Juanita D. Taruc, progress again came in full swing and construction of partitions and enclosure of the Intermediate ground floor started with the help of the school board. This was followed by putting up of a modern office and adjacent washroom-storeroom. Additional comfort rooms and Industrial Arts room were also constructed simultaneously.

A cemented pathway linking the three buildings in the campus was constructed with the aid of the PTA, during the term of Mrs. Evangeline F. Ruiz. Principals come and go, Mrs. Flordeliza J. David, came after Mrs. Ruiz and concentrated in the renovation of the Principal’s office. During the term of Miss Julita Paunan, the physical facilities program was given a boost.

Mrs. Dolores S. Reyes initiated the construction of two waiting sheds for the school children and repaired the broken windows at the Main Building.

Mrs. Emelita C. Valdecantos, the Tandang Sora Elementary School principal from 1981 to 1983 showed much concern on the safety and security of the school, so much so that inspired her to accomplish the project of constructing a concrete perimeter fence with the cooperation of the PTA and solicited donations from civic minded people in the community.

School year 1983-1984 marked a series of improvements both physically and academically at Tandang Sora elementary school with the arrival of Mrs. Norma A. Cabatuando. The buildings’ rooms were repainted, repaired and the principal’s office was fully renovated and improved. Almost all the rooms were installed with window grills for safeguarding the school properties. With the support of civic-minded citizens the main gate and school fence were replaced with durable fencing materials. At the close of school year 1984-1985, the school ground fronting the old High school Building was asphalted and intensified green revolution and food production activities were undertaken. Morale and better rapport and cooperation among teachers, parents and pupils was established.

Then Tandang Sora Elementary School underwent several big improvements. From a one-storey building, a two-storey building was constructed followed by a three-storey concrete building. All of these were accomplished successively in the same manner as the successions of Principals came and went with different styles and strategies to boost and promote the standard of the school. It was once the place where the Division City Schools held Office.

In 1992 the building located in middle of TSES was demolished, the then principal Mrs. Ofelia J. Atienza, the city Mayor Macario ‘Boy’Asistio Jr. and Congressman Gerardo Cabochan worked for fund allotment for the construction of TSES open space oval and beautification. The TSES oval was inaugurated on February 27, 1992 with Senator Francisco Tatad, Ms. Sonia Roco and Congressman Cabochan as guest of honor.

Tandang Sora made history in academic and scholastic phases most particularly when an old building was demolished, now an oval occupies a wider area of the school perimeter. This oval serves the needs of almost all the schools in Pobcaran District, regarding big sports events in the district.

In 2003, another building was demolished and a new building rose. It came from the CDF of former Congressman Egay Erice. High School is being housed in this building since the school year 2003-2004. Since then Tandang Sora Elementary School caters to both elementary and secondary education that made it changed its name from Tandang Sora Elementary School to Tandang Sora Integrated School.

With such an energetic and dynamic Principal, Tandang Sora Elementary School is certainly heading for a brighter horizon.

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